Slovenian translation rates

My Slovenian translation rates are simple, transparent and some of the most competitive in the industry.

Slovenian translation rates

  • English to Slovenian translation rate: £0.08 per word
  • Slovenian to English translation rate: £0.10 per word
  • Croatian to Slovenian translation rate: £0.08 per word
  • Croatian to English translation rate: £0.10 per word
  • Rate for hourly-based translation projects: £18 per hour

Slovenian interpreting rates

  • £30 per hour plus travel costs
  • Day rate: (9am-5pm) £200 plus travel costs
  • Half day rate (4 hous): £120 plus travel costs

These are general rates and subject to discussion with each individual client depending on the size and scope of a project, urgency, regular cooperation etc. I always strive to provide tailor-made Slovenian translation and Slovenian interpreting services and rates. Get in touch with me now to discuss the details!