Daniel Klobucar

Slovenian translator

Daniel Klobucar

I am an experienced, UK-based Slovenian translator and interpreter delivering top quality, fast and reliable Slovenian translation and Slovenian interpreting services to government institutions, multinational corporations, small businesses and private customers.

I have been working in translation industry for over 15 years. Prior to embarking on a freelance career, I led a team of Slovenian translators in one of the largest translation companies in the world.

I am specialised in legal, technical, IT and automotive translations. This includes all sorts of legal documents, computer software/hardware, cars/trucks/motorcycles, household appliances, furniture, user manuals, consumer electronics, telecommunications, media/multimedia, marketing/market research, business/commerce and advertising/public relations.

I also work in the following fields: aerospace/aviation/space, metrology, retail, surveying, transport/shipping, geography, human

resources, management, certificates, diplomas, licenses, CVs and general conversation/greetings/letters.

I am available for interpreting jobs in London and throughout the UK.

Over the years I have built an impressive translation track record. Either directly or as a subcontractor I worked with major international companies and institutions includ

ing Suzuki, Renault, Michelin, Schindler, Adobe, HP, IBM, Oracle, Philips, Sony, Publications Office of the European Union, European Commission, MOJ etc.

Contact me now with any Slovenian translation or Slovenian interpreting request.

My promise to you

I strive to deliver top quality Slovenian translation, therefore I only accept projects in the fields of my expertise. I never make false promises in terms of deadlines. I will not accept a project if I do not have sufficient capacity to give it all the attention it deserves. I have never missed a deadline and I am determined not to miss any in the future. I use the latest CAT tools, glossaries and terminology databases, therefore I am not only able to provide accurate but also fast Slovenian translation.